Posted by: Craig | 24 March, 2007

Dallas the Begininning…

Well I am in Dallas at last, the flight wasn’t too bad as the seats had built in video screen and a good selection of films to watch of which I watched Casino Royale. At Minneapolis I had never seen so much snow in one place it was white for miles and miles, the airport was pretty boring though it felt like a place from the 70’s or 80’s.

Well here in Dallas it is hot, its like the Weather we get in June with less rain so I dread to think how hot its gonna be in august. I turned up to a deserted uni as I found out it was spring break here and after a quick chat with my research supervisor I was free until monday to do what I wanted. In that time I managed to go to the one Mall that has closed down locally and trudged around the centre of Dallas for 3 hours without going in a single shop as I mistakingly was looking for the Galleria 12 miles from its actual location (grrrrr Google map).

Its not obviously different here but in many subtle ways it is and so just feels a bit odd. Like they dont seem to have high Streets here because all the shops are either in Malls or mini retail parks, the public transport was better than I expected but I think I am still going to need a car to have freedom to do what I want as the busses are not that regular except to the centre of dallas so lets hope I can scrape together the cash to get car.

Sunday i did not go to Grace church in Frisco as the public transport does not go that far and I am yet to get a car so unless I wanted to spend 4+ hours walking there I had to find somewhere closer. So I went to Preston Highland Baptist Church down the end of my road, which was actually a nice church the worship was not quite what I am use to but it was God focused and the sermon was good and I just really got on well with every one I spoke to so after going out for lunch and stuff it was a great day and I am seriously considering going to that church regularly.

So yes thats about all i have done up to now.


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