Posted by: Craig | 10 April, 2007

Beginnings of my faith….

I am writing this just so people can start to understand why I believe in Jesus Christ, so that they do not think I am just christian because of my friends or that I have been brainwashed. This is just the story of how I first came to see christianity making sense, in the future I might talk about the journey since then.

Now those of you that knew me when I was younger know that I was a curious scientifically minded person who loved nature history science and just all sorts, I loved to design things and make things. Now through out my teenage years I was taught about the beginnings of life and evolution, evolution i could accept it made sense to me at first glance but the beginnings of life in a primordial soup I just could not accept. This got me thinking about life and I came to realise that I just couldn’t accept that we exist randomly, the mere fact that I can reason and see beauty and love and even just the fact I can ask this question made me think there is more to us than just the material, whether you call it the spark of life or a soul doesn’t really matter.

So I started to question what this extra life force thing was, and it came in two categories either there was a God/Gods or it was just a force(spirit or whatever) but if it was just a force with no sentience or will then is it not just another random part of existence meaning that we are back to the dilemma at the beginning so I came to the conclusion that an intelligence made far more sense such as a God.

I looked into what different religions where about yet the scientist in me just didn’t accept them and I effectively came up with my own ideas. But then I became friends with some people that through them I ended up going to a Church home group and though through the time I was arguing and debating it all started to make sense and here we come to the core of this post.

It made sense because if we assume that a God exist from my earlier train of thought then being God he is perfect, perfectly holy, perfectly Loving and hence he has to be perfectly just (as if he wasn’t perfectly just he couldn’t be perfectly loving to all people), the problem is is that I see this world and we most certainly are not perfect and in our current state there is no way a perfect God could stand our presence, we would have to be perfect to exist in his presence. So we are doomed but religions claim to offer us salvation from this, well what doesn’t make sense with most is that we can work our way out of this doom that if we do enough then we are saved, but how can something that is not perfect make itself perfect, and also if we could barely anyone will be saved as I have yet to meet someone who’s works of good out way the bad as the mere act of not recognising God the moment you wake up belittles his name and deserves punishment so we easily spend over 90% of our time doing bad rather than good in the eyes of a God.

So you see how I can not accept achieving salvation by works, so what was different about chrisitanity?

Well it offered the solution where we were made perfect with no work of our own, made perfect by our badness and imperfection being punished so that we could stand before God without being obliterated. It is offered to us as a gift which we accept by having faith in Jesus.

I am not going into more detail about christianity here as my point was to show how my mind logically ended up seeing christianity as making the most sense. In the future I hope to explain things such as why God would choose to save us this way and other matters, but for now if you have any questions or comments please leave comments or talk to me as I would like those that know me to understand why I have this Faith, and those of you that know what I am trying to say and have suggestions for how to rewrite some bits to be clearer then let me know.


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