Posted by: Craig | 10 April, 2007

Tears and Fears…

So being single again…..

On the whole I am coping very well, I have a desire for Gods word above all else and have been studying it in all my free time, and the preparation for the vigil kept me busy. There are moments when I realise how big a thing I have just had removed out of my life and last night was tough for me as I realise that I am loosing one of my closest friends, as if we are to separate our hearts then I have to not turn to her and depend on her when I am struggling life and what is even harder is realising that she will no longer turn to me when she needs someone to talk to and help her.

So that was tough but in my life I am now striving to be a Godly man, a man that desires God above all else, then a man that can fulfill the role that God has set for us men in relationships in marriage. So I am trying to just trust in Gods sovereignty and come to now him and serve Him that much more and that when He provides my missing rib that I shall pursue her in a Godly fashion which I wont go in to detail about these things here at the moment, but until I do write about these things I would point you to one of Chelsa’s notes on facebook and the book Boy Meets Girls by Joshua Harris and other such things.


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