Posted by: Craig | 10 April, 2007


Well what a weekend, I now know what Marc Driscoll mean s when he says learning to preach by preaching is like trying to drive, be on the phone and make martinis at the same time.

The weekend just gone we had an Easter vigil where we spent the hours of 12 – 7.15 in prayer and worship and some preaching with our soul aim to try and grasp the cross and come to understand it, God moved in unexpected ways where people where expecting to be moved to sadness about the cross there was joy instead from most. I myself had my pride smashed to bits by God before I was to preach which was a good thing and I am glad of it as I had been praying for that to happen for a while. I can say though the those of us that spent the 2 weeks preparing this learned so much through the preparation, we were meeting up most days and spending lots of time in prayer and fellowship whilst me and Jehu dug into the scriptures and Derrick and Jeremy worked on worship and video and logistics. Just being in prayer so much with these guys was awesome and we just became like a family throughout this time and a family that depends on God.

So now we are trying to keep up this prayerful fellowship that is so much like the early church pictured in acts and I can be glad and joyful that I can strive for God alongside these awesome and Godly people.


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