Posted by: Craig | 15 April, 2007

A new driving experience…

Well tonight I had my first experience of driving on Texas roads, Damaris was too tired to drive so after realising i could legally drive her car I tentatively sat in the front seat on the WRONG side of the car, well I suppose its the right side because of the roads but that just means the road directions are wrong.

Well the experience was, well I can not think of a better word than odd! I am driving a Pontiac Sunfire which is bigger than the previous cars I ave driven I am sitting on the wrong side and its an automatic, people would assume that an automatic is easier but I found it distracting as the gears did not change when I wanted and it was easier to drift over the speed limit and my left foot had nothing to do. Any way the journey back home was fine I enjoyed driving again I miss it soooo much even if automatics are bizarre driving on the wrong side was not that bigger deal just that when parking I tried to open the door instead of change into reverse.



  1. lol. Glad your experience was sooo awesome. I have never driven an automatic and I have no idea why you tried to open the door instead of put the car into reverse, but I saw quite a humorous vision in my mind of the entire scene!

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