Posted by: Craig | 4 May, 2007

How I was Called to be a pastor…

Well for those of you who I have not told yet, God has spent the last 2 months working in me to realise that he is calling me to be a pastor. In this post i will try to explain the ways in which I found God to be calling me to this as it is certainly not something I would choose to do unless under duress. So the ways in which God has called me:

  • A drastic increase in my passion for the Word of God. Over the last 2 months there is nothing i have wanted to do more than study the Bible and understand it and pass on and shout about the amazing things revealed to me through that.
  • An ache in my heart for Churches that do not preach what the bible says, that preach for numbers and just to please people. I am passionate about seeing Biblical churches stand up in this world and not be afraid to preach the Bible.
  • About 1.5 years ago God called me to write sermons, not to preach or anything but to write sermons. At the time I didn’t know whether this was for some future plans God had in store or just to make me study the Word more.
  • Just knowing that God is calling me to this, it is hard to explain. It is not really a voice in my head, or an emotion in my heart but I just have conviction that God is saying do this. I know this can be hard to understand for some but I truly believe God is telling me to do this.
  • And lastly after i had prayed and thought through all of this and realised God was calling me to this, i spoke to my friend Cat back in Surrey and when i told her bout this she explained how about a year ago God put in her that I was going to be a pastor but she felt that she was not supposed to tell me then. So she confirmed this calling.


  1. Hi Craig

    Finally found your blog! Was looking at your (obselete?) myspace page before. The pastor thing sounds cool. Looking forward to hearing more.

    Sorry to hear about you and Lizzie. Glad you’ve been able to put it in God’s hands.

    Any news on the Mexico mission?


  2. I shall write about mexico soon i have been ill 😦

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