Posted by: Craig | 23 May, 2007


So 2 weeks ago we went to Mexico, there was a team of 15 of us. Well it started with 2 days of driving, and my first view of true Texas. Dallas does not really feel like what you would expect from Texas it is very commercial but then as soon as you get out and head south it starts to be like what I expected, we arrived in Abilene for church which felt like a real Texan country town.

The journey to the border was pretty uneventful most of them slept. We stayed in a church dorm just this side of the border where we met the missionary that organised this trip Loyd Taylor. The next day we travel across into mexico again most people sleep but we eat out for lunch only to find when we arrive an hour later that the church that is hosting us had prepared lunch for us so we had to eat a second lunch.

During the week there we spent the afternoons running activities for kids on residential blocks around Jimenez, played lots of football (That is Soccer to you Americans) and various games like freeze tag, and we also presented the Gospel to them. Each morning we went out and talked to the families on the residential blocks and invited them to the afternoon Block parties. Alongside this we were building and installing air ducts for the air conditioning at the church. Each day we would have a team meeting where me and Jehu would lead worship and we would pray and discuss the days plan.

Me, Justin, Joseph, Jehu and Derek stayed with one of the church families, who fed us all week and made us great breakfast each morning. The food during the week was great I loved it all though having black beans and kidney beans for breakfast seemed odd. Luckily Jehu could speak spanish as I could barely speak a word but I managed to muck through the week as the father in our family could speak bits of English and so could his daughter Jocabet.

On our last day in Jimenez we went down to a hot spring where we went swimming and had dinner with the church and the families we stayed with, and we had worship together in spanish and English and heard testimonies of what had happened throughout the week. The next morning was a sad one as during the week we had built great relationships with the youth of the church and the families we had stayed with. I know the guys that stayed with my family are going to keep in touch by email.

So on our way back from Mexico we spent a day at Big Bend national park, me Matt Derek and Jehu hiked up the highest peak there 7825 feet. We made it to the top and back just about in the time we had. So eventually we made it back to Dallas tanned burnt and half of us ill, but we got back safely.


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