Posted by: Craig | 16 June, 2007

So a quick update…

Well I seem to have a lot of things going on these days it is all busy, but it is all fun and all good. Work is busy now and will be getting trained to use lots of pieces of equipment which I currently have no clue what they do, and I am understanding more and more the subject area I am working in as it is a lot of chemistry which I have not done for 3 years.

Well what else do I get up to, well being in Texas it seems the primary hobby is eating out so I have been to many many varieties of places that serve the same Chicken fried steak and Sweet country tea but to counteract the Heart attack that Texas is trying to give me I now play Ultimate Frisbee every Sunday and also go swing dancing every Wednesday which is awesomely fun it just makes me miss my saxophone. I have also seen the band lovedrug and went to a free jazz concert outside the Dallas museum of art which though the band were disapointing we all ended up dancing which again was great fun.

Most of all what has made my time in Dallas amazing is this group of friends that I have out here, it has only been three months but they are the closest friends I have ever had and love them second only to my family, we all go to The Village Church and we spend lots of our time together seeking God and just having fun. So yeah things are going great out here and I miss you all back in England.


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