Posted by: Craig | 21 June, 2007

Musical empathy…

last night I went swing dancing as I do, it is still the most fun I have each week but beyond just saying it is fun there is something about music that just is in tune with me. I mean whether I am playing my saxophone, dancing or just sitting and listening I can get lost in it, and I find that playing the saxophone expresses my soul at that time better than anything else. I can just sit and listen to music and just ‘feel’ the melodies and harmonies, it is the music far more so than lyrics though, I mean lyrics can be beautiful and can relate to me but it is the music itself which seems to cut so deep within me.

By now you either think I am on drugs or you get what I mean and probably feel similar in relation to music. It is just something that seems to be a part of me what I experience when I am playing/dancing/listening to music goes beyond emotion it just is me.

I think in the bible david must have known something like this, how many songs this shepard turned king wrote to the Lord. When he was rejoicing, when his enemies were trying to kill him, when he was in awe and pretty much he sung about everything. I am so thankful God created music and our ability to enjoy in such a mysterious way, and he calls us to sing and to dance and to play instruments so I can not even begin to imagine how music shall be for me when I go to heaven as this world is but a glimpse of it.


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