Posted by: Craig | 22 June, 2007

Another day in the life…

Well I was not expecting to find a design I liked so soon for the blog so the reconstruction of the blog appears to be over probably before any one new. Well I have just got in from another day at the Institute of Nanotechnology , and my broken equipment has finally returned from the manufacturer so I can start running scans for my research. For those of you that do not know I am studying for my Masters in Physics and am doing a year of research for my thesis, for those of you that understand such words my research is on Electro-absorption Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanotubes. Another good thing at work is what is known as the Nanoexplorer program, this is where high school kids in their final two years before University can volunteer for the summer to come and do research, they do not get paid but they get good lab experience and will help them if they go into research after their degree. Well I have 2 of these working for me meaning I do not have to do any work now (Only kidding), I am finding it hard keeping on top of the understanding what we are working on and coming up with what to do next with out the time to sit down and read scientific papers for a day or two but I am coping.

A night of relaxing with friends ahead of me, it is all good just as soon as I get this mountain of washing up done!


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