Posted by: Craig | 25 June, 2007

Keeping Austin weird…..

Austin, the capitol of Texas, reputed for its weirdness, is where this weary traveler has just returned from. A place bigger than Dallas but then everything is bigger in Texas, a place that has only two freebirds (an awesomely good texmex fast food place).

We were not actually in Austin for the most part, me, Derek, and Mihai were visiting our friend Nathalie who is working at a Christian summer camp on the edge of Lake Travis. It was a beautiful location though not as beautiful as Scotland in my opinion, it was really great to be out in the country and not in the suburban sprawl of Dallas. Surprisingly when just out with nature Texas is not in appearance as different from some UK places than you would think.

We got to swim in the lake and mess around on these massive inflatable toys, the best is called the blob, it is a long tube that has a platform next to it which you jump off of onto the tube then you crawl to the end of it and sit there and when the next person jumps on it the person on the end is catapulted through the air!

Well the journey back was long and the rain was terrible, and the journey was lonely as the other two slept and Derek even snored! But I am getting used to these American drivers and having the gear stick on my right. It is crazy how much Dallas feels like home when I was driving into it, and how excited I was about seeing those really good friends that I hadn’t seen for just 2 days it tis crazy how close we all are.

Anyways it was a good weekend and now I must sleep zzzzzzzz



  1. my favorite is the last paragraph. 🙂

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