Posted by: Craig | 9 July, 2007

independance day….

So what does a member of the British empire do on a day where everyone around him is celebrating their freedom from the British? Well first off during the initial fireworks shouts of the British are coming could be heard as we traveled to the fireworks (well it was us shouting it) but any way arriving at our destination as the explosions reached there peak of intensity I heard a shout in my right ear of I hate the English, luckily I am British not English, and shortly after it turns out that this guy was a member of the small group that is going to adopt ours and disciple us. Amends were quickly made and the night continued into the traditional American past time of eating out.

So continuing onto the actual day, well after a nice lazy start and some horror movie pranks freaking my room mate out during the night, I head off to a pool party to celebrate with the Americans. I was garbed in a shirt with the union jack on and holding a big union jack flag, chances i would get attacked are high. Well pool parties are always fun, food volley ball Frisbee and underwater cameras, so that was good and I had yet to be attacked. Well two of them sat there next to me discussing chucking me in the pool and well i wasn’t too bothered by the prospect as I was in swimwear but they took so long at deciding to throw me in that I just ran past them and leaped in as obviously it just was not gonna happen.

So all in all nothing that spectacular happened but a lot of fun and jokes were had and it was all good fun. Not much else happened, we watched Bruce almighty and then I went to movies to see transformers which yes was cheesy and tacky but was exactly what i expected it to be as it was successful at being like the 80s cartoon.

Well that was my not too exciting 4th of july experience


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