Posted by: Craig | 18 July, 2007

Intellectual pursuits…

Now I am a scientist and a thinker at heart and all ways have been, so when looking back it makes sense that since becoming a Christian I would apply that passion and who i am to the Gospel and my faith resulting in me loving to study the word and theology and philosophy in relation to that. My brain did not have to be left at the door when coming to Church contrary to the belief of some people, and if anything I use it more now in my free time applying it to the gospel and theology than I ever did for science.

Any way that is not even the point of this post. About two weeks ago I had a week where I did not read the Bible any less, I did not lack the time to read more chapters in Desiring God and Reflections on the Psalms. I had not missed any devotionals yet the week when it came to saturday seemed not some how empty and like I was missing something. As the day went on I realised that my heart had drifted distant from God, all of the reading and study had become purely an intellectual pursuit.

When reading it I had been trying to see what could be learnt and what treasures could be unearthed but I was relying just on my own mind and so the scriptures did not seem so beautiful during that week and there were no revelations about certain verses, the most I could look back on and say was that I learnt where some words came from and their true meaning in the greek.

What was different? well firstly there was a lack of prayer throughout it all, a lack of saying God what do you want to show me but instead I was seeing what I could find, and also my heart just was not chasing after God but my head was chasing revelation. So I was denied the revelation I was seeking and the treasures I was digging for by God as it was not about him or his glory.

Now I am not saying there will not be times when scripture can seem dry and you do not see God giving you things even when your heart mind and soul is chasing after God as fast as possible but in this case as a result of my turning away from God and looking at me. Interestingly related was the sermon that matt Chandler gave last Saturday, primarily about how we all seem to think that information and getting more and doing this one thing will make things work in our faith but all we are doing is just making the shallow paddling pool of our faith around as wider and go on for further, where in truth we need to dive down and get into the deep waters that are in true community with honesty, accountability, and striving alongside brothers and sisters for the Gospel. So I just need to be careful of that too as that could be a pit I fall into, though now I am lucky enough to have that community that was talked about.

Anyway after that week and realising where my heart was and realising how distant God was I felt a yearning for God to be back and somehow through out the course of that day and night and the church service returned back to the path I have been running along towards God for the last 3 years.



  1. Pleaseee blooooggggg more!!! It’s good stuff :o)! Keep it up!


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