Posted by: Craig | 12 September, 2007

Running away….

Ok it has been too long since I last posted here, and sorry to those that actually read it. I could first of say that I have just been very busy and had no time to write, in part this is true but I could have managed my time and work such that I could still write. The other reason would be that I was hiding from a conviction of not pursuing God enough, why that would cause me to not write on my blog is because this is a place where a lot of what I write is theology and thoughts on Christian culture and my faith and so coming to write here would have me thinking about those things more and realising how little I had been chasing God recently. I find it funny how we are able to trick ourselves and hide from our own knowledge like how I knew that I should be chasing God more and knew what I was doing wrong but ignored it and pretended like it was not happening but then coming to a blog of all things i would not be able to avoid or hide from that is just bizarre how our minds work.

So the last two months have been full of ups and downs in work becoming hectic and just sometimes being close to God whilst others feeling like he is non existent, there has been dramas with people and all manner of things that happen in real life.

So back in March/April God called me to be a pastor of a church at some point in my life (could take 50 years to get there) and well trying to figure out where I should head after graduation with that calling in mind has been a lot of my thoughts. I have thought about seminary and different ways that could work either in the UK or US and also of training by organisations such as Acts 29, well during the summer I was reminded of a program run by UCCF (a UK Christian union organisation) called relay. Basically for one year I would work with a Christian Union or maybe two, the actual things I have to do will vary depending on the CU from setting up a new CU or helping with various ministries to giving talks, during this year I would spend 8 hours a week studying theology and other areas relevant to Christian ministry. The full details are found here.

This is the direction I think God wishes me to take when I graduate, application starts in October so God has about 4 weeks kick me off of this path if it is not what he wants but I am sure enough of this direction that I just have to roll with it and trust that God will kick me if this is not His plan. The biggest thing about this year is that it is unpaid and I will have to save as much as I can and find support from churches but I trust that God will provide as he has shown time and time again in my life and of those around me.

Lastly I am committing to writing at least every other day so if I don’t write for 2 days shout at me!


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