Posted by: Craig | 15 September, 2007

Prayers of a mother…

I have been learning about Saint Augustine of Hippo these last couple of days but his Mother is who stood out to me. Her husband was a pagan and her son (St. Augustine) was not a believer and a really philosophical thinker whilst she had a deep faith in the Lord. What struck me was her prayer life, she seemed to spend every free moment praying for her son and husband she just seemed to trust and have hope that God would work if it was his will, in his autobiography Augustine says that she would weep more than a mother who’s son had died over his salvation. Eventually her husband turned to Christ on his deathbed and then many years after that after Augustine had travelled many places and sought the highest of thinkers he came to Christ and straight after that his mother dies from a fever but she was content and happy to return home knowing her prayers were answered.

I found hearing about her inspiring in that I would fight to try and have a prayer life such as that and that my heart would be that torn up by others salvation. So for me that first stage of getting there will be to pursue a prayer life that equals my study and pursuit of understanding the bible and theology.

Well it was a short post but St. Augustines mother is now my heroine for Christian prayer


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