Posted by: Craig | 16 September, 2007

Deep Community and Discipeship…

One of the biggest things of this year for me is being part of a community that goes deep, a community where we stand side by side fighting to go deeper in Christ, a community where we will suffer our struggles together and be willing to put our entire life aside for one another. I don’t know how I suddenly ended up surrounded by friends like that but I have learnt that to pursue God to the fullest I can not live with out brothers and sisters alongside me in this sort of community.

Community like this is biblical as Jesus was in this kind of community. He had his closest three : Peter, John and James, then he had his twelve, the rest of the disciples. Beyond that he had the 72 and then the 120 that he sent out in his name. How does that liken to my situation now, well my three are Derek, Jacob, Sam and John, brothers who I can be totally vulnerable and open with who I can trust to lay my life out in front of them who will rebuke, encourage and pray. Then my 12 all the close friends I have from the Guys and girls small groups and church who I am doing life with who I seek Christ alongside and pray and worship and study the word with. Then beyond that are the people that I know and are friends but that I do not do life with and are not part of most things that I do.

Jesus and his disciples are not the only thing pointing to this kind of community in the bible, take verses such as Acts 2:42 and other verses in acts saying how the early church met often and worshipped and praised together and considering the state of the church and the persecution they were more likely smaller groups than large church congregations. Next the new testament is full of statements that we will call one another statements, well statement is too light a word as they are more like commands. These range from saying Love one another(which is the most common) to rebuke one another and everything in between such as encourage one another, pray for one another, and as a community we a trying to do all of those things though we are all imperfect and fail in many ways but that is where we see the grace of God.

More recently within our community those that have been blessed with more wisdom or have more experience in faith and life have been discipling those with less knowledge or are new to knowing Christ ultimately just those that are in a position to pour into others are doing just that. I myself am being discipled and am discipling 2 people and that in it self acts like a catalyst for the community talked about above. Discipleship is more than just teaching someone it is trying to live your life so that it can be an example to them, it is doing life with them so that you can encourage and rebuke them throughout the week not just when you meet up once a week, it is helping them see areas they need to change but ultimately it is pushing them into Christ and getting them more of Him.

After saying how important I now consider all this I have to think about the fact that in December I shall be removed from this community and I can not expect to just fall into it like I did with this one but I shall have to pursue it and encourage others to be a part of it and find brothers and sisters that want to seek Christ as I do and go deeper than the normal friendships we often have.



  1. We’ve been thinking about the same thing a bit here in Wonersh, and have just started a new group for people in their 20s and 30s, which you’d be very welcome to join when you get back in December. Well, you’ve already seen the facebook group.

  2. I am sure that wherever you are and whoever you are with you will find friends that are of the same beliefs as you Craig

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