Posted by: Craig | 18 September, 2007

Biblical Principals and Cultural Relevance…

An insightful video from Desiring God Ministries of Marc Driscoll



  1. Great little video, Craig. However, the really tough choices are when we have to decide which are the eternal principles in the closed hand, and which are the cultural processes in the open hand. Blood-puddings? Mini-skirts? Slavery? Smacking children? Male eldership? Lord, guide us to follow your will…
    Ian Scott-Thompson

  2. I agree and that is why I am thankful that we have the constant inerrant word of God to turn to, though it can still be tough trying to discern these things without the holy spirits guidance through out.

    I think that slavery can easily go to the closed hand as the bible tells us what it thinks.

    Where as blood pudding, can very much be cultural and the scriptures that are pertinent are the ones that say we should not cause another to stumble even if what we are doing is ok scripturally

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