Posted by: Craig | 19 September, 2007

Drive Safe Drive the Texan way…

Is what it said on a sign somewhere, it made me laugh as I got images of Texans in trucks getting road rage and getting out their shotguns and shooting one another as they drive!

Well a few days ago I rather surprisingly found out it is actually illegal in Texas to be on the phone when driving, or eat, or have a video screen anywhere forward of you, or even drive barefoot. The reason it is so surprising is that no one obeys these laws at all and the cops do not seem to care because the fines for them are not as big as the ones for speeding and other traffic violations, soi they only get picked up on if they are pulled over for something bigger. Those things are all done so commonly that I thought they were legal even most of my Texan friends thought being on the phone was legal!

Well this little rant leads me to the conclusion that this is a big part of why there are so many collisions around here (Texans would use the word wreck but I know to us brits that implies cars that a totalled) alongside the driving education and licensing system which I could rant about too but not today.


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