Posted by: Craig | 27 September, 2007

Culture differences…

When I arrived in Dallas and started to make friends and settle in a church it became more apparent how different some areas of the culture can be especially with Christianity here. Unlike the UK it seems being Christian is the default view here and most of the times being Christian can be assumed(Certainly the claim to being Christian). It is a culture where there are many Christian radio stations, Christian book stores bigger than a local Waterstones, at least 10 different TV channels dedicated to Christianity and so many churches preaching a watered down Gospel to keep people happy (a couple go so far that it is no longer the Gospel but heresy) and lots of people ,to quote Matt Chandler, ¨that have heard just enough of the Gospel to be inoculated to it and think they are saved¨.

When teaching,evangelising, and most of all preaching cultural relevance is important, as in the UK preaching a message to a congregation as if the UK is a Christian culture will not be that relevant to the congregation and the message less effective. I bring this up as with the calling to be a pastor I need to be aware of the culture I am to be reaching out too and I am not entirely sure how much I noticed or currently now about it in respect to Christianity, coming to Dallas has made aware of some things but I hope in returning from such pro Christian Culture to the UK I will be far more aware and start to understand and see the culture and world views around me of the people from atheists, agnostics, muslims,to hindus, Buddhists, apathetics.

Culture constantly changes and if things stay as they are Dallas will be like the UK in the not too distant future.



  1. Nice observations! Looking forward to you returning here, and bringing some of these insights back with you.
    Ian S-T

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