Posted by: Craig | 5 October, 2007

I am alive…

I am still around, I am not dead or sick(well I was over the weekend) but I am now an uncle. My brother Shaun has just had a baby boy so the Taylor family now has its newest member Leo Taylor. It is weird just knowing that I am now an uncle it makes me feel old especially as my brother is younger than me, it is all the weirder as in many ways I feel no older than when i started University.

When I have a second to write there shall be a couple of posts and maybe more on Galatians, there are some more theology posts in my head but only God knows if I will have the time to write them any time soon. I am debating to a chapter by chapter book review/Discussion of Desiring God by John Piper. There will probably be a couple more about what I get up to if i do anything interesting but apart from keeping those not in Dallas informed of my goings on this is a place that helps me to gather my thoughts and improve my articulation of my faith and other things, it is not so much about the people that read it than it is about what it does for me.

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