Posted by: Craig | 15 October, 2007

Swing dancing adventure…

Well last Monday the rain returned to Dallas, well it was time for me to go to the girls apartment and borrow Damaris’ car, and so i step outside where i realise that I still have to drive the scooter to get to their apartment and it is raining heavily well out of all the things i could grab i take my blazer (silly choice really) in the hope of protecting my shirt well sitting on the scooter about to pull onto the road thinking i wont get too wet on this short trip a car comes along hits a pool of water that rapidly leaves the ground and charges straight at me and in the battle between my cloths and the wet the wet wins.

I get to to the girls drenched and so I end up getting the car and coming straight back to my apartment to get changed again before heading to swing, well all of this makes me a little late but this is just the minor part of the evening. Well i dance and then go to the pub and hang out after wards and all is well, and so i start my 30 min journey back to the apartment and about 5 minutes in as I pull onto the motorway and am getting up to speed I hear a sound much like having a squirrel attached to one of my tires. At first I assume it is the breaks in the concrete with the poorly maintained Texan roads but I see that it is smooth and upon realising it was my tire I quickly slow down and head for the next slip road off of 75, I make it just onto the slip road before the tire is completely flat and I am rolling on the rim so I have to stop a quarter of the way up the slip road on a hard shoulder that barely fits the car in a vehicle that is not mine.

Well I assume damaris has her donut in the back (this is a spare tire but smaller than a normal one for temporary use) and I call her where she informs me she does not have the tools to change the tire, so I am 25 mins from home with no tools. Well as I hang up a beaten up 4 by 4 pulls up and offers to help and so 10 dangerous minutes later the tire is changed and I give them some cash for gas as one of them mentioned a lack of gas money at somepoint. As I am about to pull away I notice their vehicle wont start, turns out they were lower on gas than they thought, so I end up taking one to a gas station getting a canister and some gas and drive all the way round chatting and drop the guy off at his vehicle before heading home rather late.

Now during that experience my thoughts were defaulting to the usual frustration and why now kind of stuff, it was late and I was tired, so I was actually more annoyed at my loss of time than anything else. Well after when I was driving home i realised how I had just spent 20 mins ministering to a couple of guys who probably do not know Christ and how without the tire blowing out I would no have had that opportunity so I spent the journey home thanking and Praising God for his sovereignty over my life. So I really should take all situations in life good or bad and remember to ask how can I glorify God in this.



  1. This is one of the joys of driving a car.Better luck next time that,s if Damaris trusts you with the car again.oapw

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