Posted by: Craig | 31 October, 2007

Reformation Day…

Well today is Halloween but it is also reformation day, a day to remember the people God used to reform the church in particular Martin Luther and the day he nailed his 99 theses to the church door in Wittenberg October 31st 1517. The reformation is why we have the church of England and many other denominations aside from the catholic church, so what does reformation mean :

  • To improve by alteration, correction of error, or removal of defects; put into a better form or condition.

So the reformation was the puritans trying to get rid of the unbiblical practises that had arisen in the church and improve upon the existing church model. Yet did this improvement come about through adding extra bells and whistles or making it cool and trendy to people in the 1500’s? No! it was not adding to or moving away from scripture but moving more inline with the Gospel and conforming to scripture. This movement swept across Europe and many great men of faith came in it’s wake, and really the church never stopped reforming for it is very different now than 500 years ago, today we have churches that have stopped reforming and become stagnant and those that are breaking the presuppositions we have about church in a biblical way and everything in between.

So shouldn’t we all be trying to be part of a reformation today then, in our churches, our small groups, our youth ministries and everything in our life. We should always be trying to improve these things and the only things that are improvements are things that adhere more to scripture and so in all these aspects we should be fighting to be in step with the Gospel like Paul in galatians 2:14. So my challenge today for me and for anyone who reads this is :

What can we reform closer to scripture in our lives? and how can we reform it?

For me I shall be thinking about believers in community, how I treat scripture and prayer in my life, and biblical churches.


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