Posted by: Craig | 22 January, 2008

Thoughts on Sermon Prep…

Right now I am in the middle of preparing a sermon, well I was until a restlessness caught me and my flow of thoughts clogged up. So I thought I would mention a few of the struggles I have in this sermon preparation.

Well firstly I have learnt I can never be prayerful enough when preparing for any kind of teaching, not just sermons, as prayer focus’ me on Christ and allows me to be more sensitive to guidance by the Spirit. Prayer fights against my intellectual side that just likes to reduce everything to analysis and facts where sermons are a form of doxology they are a form of worship too not just teaching for understanding but leading people to worship and praise.

Secondly I find that I must meditate on the scripture and read all that is relevant in the Bible before I move on to the teaching of preachers and scholars. Primarily this because the Bible is the Word of God and I must know as much of it as possible myself so that I can discern the foolish words of man that are not of God when reading or listening to contemporary preachers and scholars. Also within this it seems that the other teaching can make it hard for me to think my own thoughts on the scripture afterwords if I have not all ready established them, much like when I reread Lord of The Rings after I saw the films and this time I could only visualise the book like the films portrayed with those actors etc.

Lastly i find it too easy to put my understanding of a text into a very concise form, which for me is great but I have to put myself in the shoes of the listeners and try hard to see the assumptions I might make in what people know all ready and see how to keep this as worship and stir peoples hearts for God.

Well I must plough on with this preparation.


  1. Your second point is particularly wise. When I pray and read Scripture, I find that God speaks most clearly. When I read commentaries, I find I clog up with arguments and disputes which previously seemed irrelevant. Even a really good commentary becomes the best thing one could possibly say, and stifles my own thoughts. The time when they are most helpful is when I hit a puzzling question in the text; but even then, they usually confirm my best guess anyway. Valuable lesson to learn!

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