Posted by: Craig | 25 January, 2008


I have just discovered this awesome website called Bethinking, it is run by UCCF and is an apologetics resource. It is set up so each section ranging from culture to history and science and how they relate to our faith, it is a very good resource especially when you are defending our faith and some one asks you a question which you just don’t know the answer to, well there is a good chance the topic has been covered on bethinking.

The site can be found here

Also UCCF are setting up a theology website much like bethinking and it will split into 3 levels : beginner , intermediate, advanced. It is not ready yet but it might be by the time you read this so the link is here



  1. you’re going to love theologynetwork. Can’t believe you’d not seen bethinking before! Enjoy it and spread the word.

  2. has been so useful during my time at university. Anyone who’s ever been asked a tough apologetics question should definitely check it out

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