Posted by: Craig | 30 January, 2008

Bewildered by Grace!…

These last couple of days I have been realising the extent of Gods grace, I keep seeing how deep my sin goes in my life but then wow! I am reminded of Gods grace and how he still loves me though I keep failing and messing up in my pursuit of Him. Some people say it must be so depressing whenever you see your sin but really I pray for it these days because I know that whenever i see the extent of my sin and how that even the smallest sin in my eyes is such a massive offence against and infinite and perfect God yes i do mourn for my sin and my sinful self but i know it all ways leads onto seeing how Gods grace covers that! and so the more I see of my sin the more i see of Gods grace and it ends up in rejoicing and awe and love for my Creator and Lord.



  1. I’m glad you’re rejoicing plenty!

    I’ve lately been struck by the thought that sinning against such a supreme, loving Christ is ridiculous… that helps.

  2. Hello, my friend. It’s awesome reading what Father is continually teaching you. Know I’m praying for you down here where the sun shines in the winter. Some folks call it hell but I call it Texas.
    Miss you.

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