Posted by: Craig | 31 January, 2008

Pride is everywhere…

Pride can creep in to our life in the most subtle ways, it is not allways boasting about something you have done, but it is often thinking I am good enough at this or that, or thinking when that preacher is saying that this needs to change in peoples lifes that he is not talking to you. Even when it is about something your doing you may not be openly boasting but you can even be prideful in asking for a prayer request against pride with this thing your doing because through the prayer request your informing them of what your doing!

How often I have not seen my pride until I am told that I am being prideful, and then I can even become pridful about not being prideful! It seems that there is no easy way to escape this sin, it seems that it runs through all aspects of our life and because of all this I am scared of it more than anyother as it is not just some action I can stop myself doing but is in my head.

Pride can be found throughout the bible, starting in Genesis 3:5-6 where first the serpent claims “you will be like God” if they eat the fruit and so eve saw “that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate”. So Eve knows God said not to eat it and that the serpent said it will make you like God, yes the serpent has lied about the consequences of eating the fruit but the only argument it gave to eat it was that it will make you like God, so there must have been a desire to be like God, and that sin is pride.

It was pride when the Israelites would not cross the Jordan as they were not relying on the Lord but looking at what they can do, It was pride when David took Bathsheba as he saw her as something that could belong to him and did not see that everything belongs to God, It is pride that stops the pharisees from hearing the gospel as they see themselves as good enough before God and that they are the holiest in the land. But the cross does not allow in any way for us to have pride, to quote John Piper :

“Picture a well-respected American businessman, a banker, lawyer, doctor, well dressed, well groomed, being taken out the gate of the city to the garbage dump and being stood in front of a post with a naked man hanging by the nails driven through his wrists, covered with blood, gasping for his last breaths, and being told, “This, sir, is wisdom and righteousness and holiness and redemption. Will you kneel down here and cast yourself on him for mercy?”

In other words God has chosen a way of salvation that devastates human pride. “That! You want me to bow down before that! You think I need that! Don’t you see how I am dressed! Have you seen the car I drive! Don’t you know where I work! Don’t you know how much money I make! And you think I need that heap of bloody flesh! What do you think I am, a dog? A worm?””

Galatians 6:14 says “But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.” We should only be proud in the cross and only depend on God not relying in ourselves at all.

And so my biggest fear is that I might fall to pride, imagine that in 20 years time I have planted a church and it has a resonable attendance, and things are generally going well. My fear in thatis that somewhere along the line I start to rely on my skills to preach and my knowledge of other churches to lead and that basically I become comfortable and slowly draw away from Christ without realising as I can act the correct way even to myself, the other way is that I spend all my time feeling that how the church goes is dependent on me and that through relying on myself I treat it as if I have to please God through my preaching and pastoring. These scare me so much because it is not just me that will necassarily be affected by my sin, it is almost pride for me to be thinking that when God says I am ready to pastor that I will affect the congregation rather than God.

lets hope and pray that we will never forget the reality of the cross, that we will allways be fully dependant on God, and that we trust in his unwavering love that depends on nothing we do.


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