Posted by: Craig | 1 February, 2008


Well those of you who know me know I love to read, but sadly I haven’t had the time for that for a while but I am going to try and listen to less sermons and read more books.

When reading Meditations on the Psalms by C.S. Lewis I got a nice little bit of advise from Lewis on what to read, he says to make 1 in every 3 books you read by an author not of this century (or last century as we have only just started anew) as they will have had different problems with their culture than what we have now and can offer a very different look at our faith because of it.

Also the cross is something too easily forgotten, especially forgetting its reality, it fades to just a piece of knowledge in yout head and not kept at the centre of your thinking so I shall also endeavour to make 1in 3 books about the cross.

So that leaves 1 book that can be whatever I want to read at the time, though it will still be of a christian nature or relevant to my faith. Anyway I am after suggestions for both the century old books and the books on the cross, I have Jonathan Edwards Religous Affections on its way to me at the moment and I am hoping I can get hold of The Cross of Christ by John Stott for my first two.

Bring on the suggestions!



  1. Nice idea…

    Favourite old books:

    John Owen – The Glory of Christ,
    John Owen – Mortification of Sin,
    Richard Baxter – The Saints’ Everlasting Rest,
    John Bunyan – Pilgrim’s Progress
    Charles Spurgeon – Lectures to my students.

    Read through some old hymns by Isaac Watts, John Newton, Augustus Toplady, Cowper. Also, The Book of Common Prayer

    And on the cross:
    C.J. Mahaney – (Living the) Cross-Centered Life,
    John Piper – The Passion of the Christ (50 reasons why Jesus came to die).

    I actually don’t have many favourite books on the cross. Other than the Bible, which is rather excellent – don’t forget to read that!

  2. I’d join Timmy Bristers puritan challenge if you can do one per month.

    Crosswise you want to read Stott and Mahaney and Piper. Also try Mark Meynell on Cross Examined, Leon Morris on the Cross of Jesus. I’d guess Driscoll Death by Love later this year will be good. Pierced for our transgressions should be standard reading too.

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