Posted by: Craig | 10 February, 2008

Idolatry of Gods tools…

Now I listen to and read material by John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler and more recently Tim Keller. All of these men have caused my relationship with my creator to deepen and they can cause me to stand in awe of God, but do I sometimes look at them and not what they are pointing to? God. I am sure I do at times but I am a sinner and must repent of this and return to chasing after Christ.

“When you listen and read one thinker, you become a clone… two thinkers, you become confused… ten thinkers, you’ll begin developing your own voice… two or three hundred thinkers, you become wise and develop your voice.” Tim Keller

This quote is definetly something for me to consider, my pallette for learning has been quite limited over the last year but it was a time for that, but now as I move into developing my views and weighing up arguments it is time to start standing on my own two feet without the crutches of Piper, Driscoll, and Chandler. It is time to read many authors I have not read before from hundreds of years ago to young pastors in todays church, it is time to read what I know beforehand I might disagree with and learn to discern for myself what is truth.

To finish I will point out that above all else I have one resource which is allways true and written by the only one who has everything right, the Bible, the very word of God. What ever I read from this will allways be true and the only error will come from my foolish understanding and misinterpretation and so I must pursue a wisdom in reading and understanding scripture. So I must above all else read the Bible allways and re-read as many times as I can whilst I live, and then use preachers and scholors of all kinds and all views with discernment through prayer and the Holy Spirit to develop my own voice as Keller puts it above.

Lets not make these mighty men who God is using into our idles like the corinthians did with Paul and Apollos, but instead see where they are pointing and using the Bible as our main resource discern truth and grow deeper in our relationship with the Creator!


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