Posted by: Craig | 12 February, 2008

The Cross of Christ – Why did Christ die?…

This chapter is not why did He die in the context of salvation and Gods plan but why when looking at the culture and the people involved in condeming Him to crucifixtion. In this chapter John talked about Pilate, Caiaphas, and Judas and their role in sending Jesus to the cross and relating their sin to our sin.

Pilate – He was the Roman Governor of Judea, King Agrippa described him as “a man of very inflexible dispostion, and very merciless as well as very obstinate”, historically Pilate seems to have the goal of Law and order and keeping the Jews under control as his main aim. Pilate believed Jesus to be innocent but the Jewish leaders believed he was guilty and so he trys to wriggle out of having to make a judgment himself, he tried sending him to Herod as He was a galilean, he tried to punish Him severly, tried to get the crowd to choose to releas Jesus to release, lastly he claimed his innocence of Jesus’ blood.

Caiaphas –
The Jewish leaders did have political, thological and ethical reasons to put Him on trial yet they did not consider the significant question of whether His claims were true and then their motivation comes into question. It seems that it was envy, Jesus had an authority and yet they were proud of their special role in Israels history with God and they felt threatened by jesus’ transparent self evident authority from God.

Judas –
Judas betrayed Jesus and even in Jesus’ appeal at the last supper he rejected and this too was a breach of hospitality etiquette, motivations for his betrayal are discussed such as being a Jewish zealot undercover in the disciples and monetary greed.

How do we relate to each of these people?


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