Posted by: Craig | 14 April, 2008

New Word Alive….

Boys show there nature and race the girls to each stop on the 6 hour journey and beat them 4-0 and we learn Araf!! means slow.

We go to a castle, again boys will be boys and climb as high as they can. We learn that you wont get a girlfriend if you cant speak welsh around there.

A morning with snow on the ground, to church we go with snowball fights along the way. It is snowy and we are on the beach! To a hill that is further than we thought we trek and run and climb and I go through spikey heather before returning in snow hail and wind. We repeat the process in teh afternoon with much steeper staircased hill to greet the iron man at the top.

To snowden we drive, the deceptively wide and flat path we travel before it turns into a scramble up rocks covered in snow and ice, cold hands, wet feet, scary edges. Luncheon is had by all at the top. Different shallower path down the mountain, knees scream at me all the way, snow angels and snowmen. A near death experience ont eh journey home with our car magically getting thinner to avoid a collsion. New word alive starts with Terry Virgo reminding us about the grace that we are given and should walk in.

Day opens with Don Carson expounding 1 John, the afternoon learning about worldviews and identifying them, I need to break down my own worldview and see my bias’. The evening brings preaching from John Piper on Suffering and the Call to treasure Christ and as an indirect result of this I get broken in realisation of not finding the majority of my Joy in Christ.

Don Carson conforts me in giving me assurance that I am a follower of Christ, I am shown how to see passages of scripture in the right context. Masses of Stew and Dumplings are consumed at dinner before going to hear part 2 of Pipers talk on suffering and through this I then get rebuilt and fantastic worship in spirit and truth results.

Don Carson continues through 1 john and I learn some of how to communicate in teahcing and preaching. The bish teaches on language, gossip and swearing as a Christian. Richard Cunnigham Talks in teh evening, mixed responses to humour used but solid teaching.

Don Carson completes 1 john and we start the 6 hour journey home, boys took new route and encounterd unexpected road works many times over, lost to girls once in this journey, m25 magically goes fast in rush hour and beautiful clouds painted in the sky before arriving back on campus and having dinner at nandos.


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