Posted by: Craig | 6 June, 2008

I am a Physcicist…

So life the universe and everything since the last post :

Well first and foremost I am now officially a physicist and now have the right to confound and confuzzle the minds of anyone with stuff I make up and have them believe it! I have been through all the crazy times of final year project and exams, i would say stressed but i never felt it, probably due to being terrible at doing the work and getting distracted all the time.

I had my last surrey CU and that was sad, all those memories of back in first year its been a crazy four years but an amazing crazy four years which God brought me through to where I am now, where I am about to do relay and support a CU full time.

So much other stuff has happened such as the Stars Wars not a marathon and watching far too much battlestar galactica, and Dr Who. BBQ’s with burning bins and visits home where my nephew is growing so fast , I have visited Canterbury and the CU there and they are amazing so i cant wait to go there and work alongside them.

So as you can see it has been busy and manic but don’t forget I am a physicist.



  1. I congratulate you on finally doing a post! (:

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