Posted by: Craig | 10 August, 2008

A Clean Slate…

Well it has been a very long time and I have decided to have a fresh start with this blog, what I mean by that is that all those posts that were expecting follow ups in the past I will not be following up as it would be too much to try and finish them all now. Instead I shall start from now and I will be avoiding writing to man blogs in a series format (at first certainly) as I do not want to be effectively making commitments to write so many posts on something and then not do that so I shall be basically just blogging when material comes to me and I have the time to blog.

Now if Relay is like I expect then I believe it shall be a great source and fuel for this blog and also provide the time and motivation to write in it regularly which will be fantastic as I find writing here helps my writing skills and organise my thoughts.

ps. if some one who has been reading this blog really wants me to continue on one of those old series then send message and I will try to find the time to continue it.



  1. i really think you should follow up on every blog you said you’d follow up on. Traitor.

    Just kidding.

    i love you too, Kregguree-Dale. Today is my last day at priority packaging. 🙂 I am happy about it.

    Okay. We need to talk. Probably. Soon. Tschuss.

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