Posted by: Craig | 18 August, 2008

Relay is on the horizon…

For those of you that don’t know I am no longer going to Canterbury for my Relay placement with UCCF but I will now be going all the way up North to Newcastle due to some unavoidable problems. It is certainly a little sad that I will no longer be supporting the amazing students I met in Canterbury but I know God is taking me exactly where He wants me and I have heard lots of exciting things about the regions plans in the Newcastle/Sunderland/Durham area.

The last month has been particularly testing of my dependence on God as not only did I have very little towards Relay at the start but I was out of any physical money to pay for food then but in the last week funds for Relay starting coming in and I now have nearly enough to get through half the year and the churches are being very helpful in helping me find somewhere to live up there.

In 2 days I return to good old Essex before I will , a week later, head to the Quinta center near Chester for my first Relay training conference and the UCCF conference Forum for students. So busy and exciting times ahead….


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