Posted by: Craig | 6 September, 2008

Back from Relay 1…

Well I have just returned from the double conference Relay 1 and Forum 2008 at the Quinta centre in Shropshire. The best word to describe would probably be intense as the first week, which was Relay 1, had 3 teaching sessions a day along with a group bible study. Mo our Relay leader took us through 2 Timothy beating us over the head repeatedly with grace which challenged many of us in different ways and helped us to rejoice in Christ. After all this I realised that I need to get over my fears of sharing the Gospel of Christ as the consequence of people not hearing it is worse than the worst that could happen to me, which in this country is embarrassment and maybe rejection.

Forum came and our party of 80 people got invaded by 800 more which despite Mo’s warnings was a little traumatic in our tired state as we all liked to hide in our rooms from the invasion. I got to meet some of the committee of my Newcastle CU’s which was great. John Pipers preaching continued to challenge me about doing the Relay Homestart program which I was considering and still am but I suppose the biggest highlight for me was purchasing stupid amounts of books at amazing prices.

I have made some good friends on the Relay program and three of us shall be starting a blog discussing the core study amongst other things, this is more for our benefit than for other readers as it means we can discuss and support one another though we are in different cities and so relay has begun and the adventure begins as I move in the next week up to Newcastle…



  1. blogging!?! thought that counted as work which we’re not allowed to do! Although the books were great, I think the highlight of the week surely had to be Pipertron’s gospel explanation on Wednesday eve! Tim

  2. Blogging counts as work?! I can not believe I forgot about that, I totally agree that 20 min Gospel presentation from Romans was amazing I need to go over notes but not until Wednesday.

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