Posted by: Craig | 10 September, 2008

Grace, grace, grace…

It’s what Relay one was all about and though many of us thought we knew it and understood it, we all came away with a renewed understanding of it as like Mo said grace is like jelly and whenever you think you have a grasp of it slips out of your hands. I have all ways thought that grace is really hard to grasp from explanation and words but it’s best understood through experience, and when people show grace to us it is like a shadow of the perfect grace of God yet it is nothing compared to the infinite grace that God fills the gap between His holiness and our sinfulness.

I really was not sure what I was expecting of other Relay workers but I was suprised by the diversity, we had everyone from sporty rugby lovers to a total geek like me and thats all thanks to the grace we have all experienced from God wherever we have come from.

Grace is what meant that those of us thinking we are not up to the task can depend on Jesus’ strength

Grace is what meant that those of us confident thinking we are ready to do it will be humbled and Jesus’ will still do all the work

Grace means we are all on the same level and whatever we do this year Jesus is the one that does the work

grace grace grace, Relay 1 was covered in it and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way…



  1. Always good to be reminded of Relay 1, hopefully it’ll stick with you as it has for me.

    Where exactly are you stationed?

  2. Newcastle and Northumbria, it was a last minute change but all is falling into place.

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