Posted by: Craig | 15 September, 2008


Well I am now in Newcastle and all unpacked, in an act of madness we left at 3am Saturday morning to get here bright and early at 9am where after the purchase of a bargain desk at £10 and a budget Greggs lunch at the Quayside I move into my room for the next 10 months. It turns out that I am definitely not living in student ville as judging by the look and every ones response to me saying I live in Gosforth this is not an affordable area for students and apparently we have Europe’s largest Tesco not too far from here.

Yesterday I attended Christ Church Heaton, which is a recent plant church in the area and seemingly growing, after which I was invited round for lunch at the Pastors and it turns out he is good friends with a couple in my church back in Wonersh, it really is a small world and often the Christian worlds seems even smaller though I suspect that is the same for any sub sector of society.

Any way I am in Newcastle and it is certainly exciting and I can’t wait to see what God’s plans are for this year…



  1. 3am is flipping early to leave!

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