Posted by: Craig | 11 October, 2008

Desirable Gadgets…

Well being a geek and all I do like my gadgets so I thought I would tell you about some of the Gadgets I have been looking at recently, like and wish I could have :

  • eReaders, basically these are devices the size and weight of your average paperback book that use a technology called eInk to have a matte screen that shows text like a book and as it is not a lit screen but opaque so it can be read in sunlight and basically just read like a book. 2 more good things about this, firstly they only use up battery power when pages are being turned so they last for around 8000 pages which is a lot, and lastly being electronic and only text you can fit hundreds on them. Now before I get attacked by certaing people, my first thoughts are but its not a book (I love books by the way) and I am possesive like I like to own my CD’s not just itunes, but there is some practical goodness to this such as going on holiday and having all the books I could want to read in the space of one book. So once the cost of these gets basic robust versions below £100 I would like one.
  • Netbooks, basically they are small laptops designed for portability, only really for the core uses of a laptop (Internet, word processing etc.) so they are low spec. but they are cheap(£100-£400) and now more are getting significantly longer battery life. Out of any of these gadgets this is the one I might actually get as my laptop is no longer really portable as it’s battery amongst a few other things has died. Christmas is soon hmmm…
  • Bookshelf Chair, this is self explanetory. I am not sure whether it classes as a gadget but I want one!


  1. You need to think these things through – if you get an eReader you won’t need the bookshelf chair…

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