Posted by: Craig | 11 October, 2008

Life Update October 08…

Well I have been in Newcastle for 4 weeks now and am suitably settled, the move was smooth and after the purchase of a budget PC desk my room was complete and for some reason unpacking didn’t take the hours I expect it to. I love going to new places and this was no exception so the only part of the first week I was not to keen on was the lack of people I know, arriving in Texas I was very lucky to make friends so quickly that I then spent all my time with, well 4 weeks on I am certainly not friendless as I am getting to know the CU members old and new with all the freshers around.

Well freshers week for the University of Northumbria was the second week I was here and so was Newcastle Uni’s so over 50,000 students arrived and Newcastle was a lot busier than before, the CU put on several events throughout the week my favourites being the dessert crawl (home made desserts at several different houses consecutively!) and the acoustic night (I love music and acoustic guitars!) and finished with a BBq on the beach at the end of the week which we had glorious weather for and was a great finish to an enjoyable week.

One thing that has excited me about Newcastle in particular is that it has a swing dancing community! it is small but still more than the nothing I had in surrey and so I have been going along to a lesson every monday night and having a great time whilst meeting and getting to know fellow swing dancers, even more they have a social dance every other week which unless your in London you don’t get more than one a month else where so Newcastle is much higher in my opinion than I had it ranked before.

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