Posted by: Craig | 22 October, 2008

Because I was raised a Chrsitian…

Another thought provoking post from my friend lara here. I agree with her on this as yes being raised in a Christian home only provides how you were exposed to the Gospel and how you saw God working in peoples lives, but it does not constitute a reason as to why you believe it is true, saying that is like saying I believe it because someone told me. We do have a high regard, trust and respect of what our parents say normally but we don’t normally just accept what they say, when we were kids we usually had to make mistakes after being told somthing to realise that our parents were right, and even now when they say something we wouldn’t suddenly belive that pigs fly because they say so but we weigh that up with how we know the world to work and come to a conclusion as to how wacky or not a statement is and in the case of Christianity to weigh up the reality of it to asses your parents statments requires looking at the bible and the world.

So if your only reason for beliving is because you were raised a Christian please look into the bible and really discover the Gospel for yourself and asses yourself why you think it is true or not.


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