Posted by: Craig | 30 November, 2008

Where have I been…

Well it has been far to long since I last blogged (Over a month!). So here is what I have been up to, in particular what has been occupying all my weekends and blogging time.

Weekend 1 – Go Evangelism Day
This was a one day event hosted by the UCCF north east team, split into the north and south of our region meaning my one was based in Durham, for Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Stockton and Teeside students. This was a day with two main meetings where we had the privelage of hearing from both Richard Cunningham and Mike Reeves who showed us the need and encouraged us in evangelism. The rest of the day was made up of seminars on various topics from how does the bible relate to modern culture to how to share the gospel with international students. It was a busy day for me as I was on the stewarding team and also helping run the book stall with its amazingly discounted books.

Weekend 2 – Northumbria Houseparty/Weekend away
This weekend I went away with my CU to somewhere near Carlisle where we had a weekend of teaching worship and prayer together along with some fun games and banter. The text for the weekend was the book of Hosea which gave us a depressing yet challenging saturday, but giving us much reason to rejoice on the sunday as we learnt how significant and immeasurable Gods love is. Being the weekend of Halloween we had fancy dress on the saturday night, the theme being Disney or Superheroes and in going for the obscure I went as the ace of spades from Alice in Wonderland. The night contained many games involving food and in particular in bizare combinations such as brown sauce in the middle of jelly, finishing with a bonfire (with my highly flammeble cardboard costume) on what must have been one of the most beautifully clear nights I had seen in ages.

Between weekend 2 and 3
This week was particularly busy as I had to travel down to oxford for and interview with IFES (international fellowship of evangelical students) to do with contiunuing this sort of work based in a european city for a couple of years. this was an encouraging visit to Oxford getting to stay with the relay worker down there and just chat and be encouragd by how God had been working in one anothers CU’s and our own lives. Well this very short visit to Oxford (I was there for no more than 14 hours) led on to me travelling to sheffield where I attended the Fulwood Church conference on the Holy Spirit which was very informative and challenging with enough information to make my head explode.

Weekend 3 – Newcastle Swing Thing
This weekend was not work but still just as tiring as during the course of the weekend we had 3 social dances / parties and two days of classes. It was a weekend which pushed my swing dancing ability to the limit and gave me blisters but it was great fun and dressing up for the saturday night party was amazing and I had some amazing dances to the most unexpected of tunes, even MUSE!

Weekend 4 – Newcastle CU Houseparty
Yes another houseparty, and this one had 4 times the amount of students and I was giving a seminar on prayer along with Jo. This weekend took place in the scottish borders and had an exciting cabaret on the saturday night but a not so exctiting fancy dress theme of football. The teaching happened to be on another minor prophet, Zephaniah, which again gave us a slightly depressing yet challenging saturday but many reasons to rejoice on the sunday (it seems to be the theme of the minor prohps).

Following this last weekend I stayed well long enough to enjoy my day off but then was taken ill for the next week where I was made to not do any work and reminded the world still turns even if I can’t do my job.



  1. Sounds like an exciting and tiring few weeks!

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