Posted by: Craig | 4 December, 2008

Grace found in sickness…

Some of you may know that I was ill a couple of weeks ago, nothing too major just a head cold, but it was enough that my staffworker forced me to sleep and not work. Well in this months monthly report this time of being ill actually went down as the best story for the month. Why?

Well firstly, we relay workers have been consistently warned that it gets busy. We have also been told that we will suffer the wrath of our staff workers if we work too many hours. Yet, I have been hovering at the upper limit of the hours we should work, and with the 4 weekends described in my previous post, I was getting tired and not really doing anything about it. So I got ill, this was God forcing me to slow down, to stop working and rest, which I don’t think i would have done properly until Christmas otherwise. Now you would think this would make me busier, as I would have to catch up, but it actually resulted in my staff worker helping me to set my time to do all the work, and to also stop working whether preparation was complete or not.

Secondly God used being ill to show me some sin in my life. It was hard to stop work when I was ill, I knew Ed was right when he told me to stop working but I carried on. Actually not managing to get any work done whilst trying all day, and then going to a meeting in the evening. What was my reason for not wanting to stop working? It was because there was no one to do the my work in stead of me whilst I was ill, but why does it have to get done? Is the CU going to explode with out me at their meetings? I mean how is God going to do anything without me there? The source of my unwillingness to stop was pride, not trusting that God is sovereign and in control of everything, and all that I do is have the privelage to be involved with HIS work not mine. He can handle it without me if He wanted.

This was my best story of the month because it is full of Gods grace. It is grace that God made me ill, so that I would slow down and not burn out or even worse drift from him in my busy life. It is grace that he cares about my life and heart being transformed, so that I give Him all the glory, so if he uses sickness to push me to Him, that is grace, and I can not praise God enough that he should care for a sinner like me.


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