Posted by: Craig | 6 December, 2008

A Starbucks Christmas…

Back in early November I was sitting in a Starbucks in Sheffield, getting a little down by how early it was and how dark it was. Then what I heard coming through the speaker system was…Christmas songs, in early November! Once I got over it being November it actually cheered me up a bit, it made the darkness seem appropriate, and somehow gave the view out the window some character.

Well several cheesy songs later I started to get depressed again, and not because it was dark, or cold, or because I was slightly soggy. But because I realised how not one of these songs even hinted at the point of Christmas, they were all shallow and rather trite. It just reminded me how little anyone cares that this holiday is about Jesus coming, in fact I rather sadly expect that the birth of Jesus is considered just as much a fairytale as Santa Claus.

Christmas is called CHRISTmas for a reason, it is when the Jewish messiah, the Christ, was born. It is a celebration of God stepping into His creation, on a mission to reconcile our separation from God at a great cost. This birthday that we celebrate is the beginning of what allows us to know the creator of the universe personally, and yet we (even Christians) make it all about presents, family and food. These are all good things but they are a tiny thing to celebrate in light of this.

So my aim this Christmas, the season of egg nog lattes and red Starbucks cups, is to remember that the most exciting, and amazing thing about it. That God , the holy, perfect, creator of the universe stepped into Creation so that we may know Him.


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