Posted by: Craig | 19 December, 2008

Is my faith reasonable or blind? (Part 2)

So this evidence, that I mentioned in the previous post here, though not the entire reason I have faith in Jesus, it is the rational and logical evidence God has provided alongside transforming my heart. This will only be an overview, bullet point by point, but I will follow it through in the way my logic works it through.

  • The Bible is a historical document, any serious historian will agree. Just because it is a religious document it does not loose all of it’s historical nature.
  • The Bible is one of the, if not the most accurate document from its time. In that we are sure what we have is what was originally written, due to the thousands of copies that match up when compared, rather than given us different options.
  • Combining the Bible with other historical documents, such as the work of Josephus, a historian of the time, there is more evidence that Jesus existed than any other individual in the Age of Antiquity, from Alexander the Great to Julius Ceaser.

The questions that come up here in my logic are, was it a work of fiction? Just a story? a myth?

  • The style of the literature is not what would be expected in fictional writing of the time, the gospels are written very much as eye witness accounts.

The next question would be are they meant to be fictional eyewitness accounts? and What about the miracles and the resurrection?

  • But Jesus did almost all of His ministry in public, often in front of thousands. Many people saw the miracles, if these documents were being distributed as fact and many people were changing their lives based on them, wouldn’t there have been more opposition to these claims.

Short of disregarding a large portion of history I can not ignore the above points.

The claims of bible are extremely significant if they are true, it is a matter of life and death really. This is why Christians spend so much time encouraging people to read the bible and assess the claims, and with the historical evidence pointing more to the truthfulness of the claims there is good reason to investigate.



  1. Thats pretty flimsy evidence to base your whole life on. Time for a serious rethink bud!

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