Posted by: Craig | 3 May, 2009

The Last Term…

Well this has certainly been a long term and even more so a busy term, and even though my brain is a bit frazzled from everything it has been an exciting term.

Events Weeks


Both Newcastle University Christian Union and University of Northumbria Christian uncion had events weeks this term, for those that don’t know what these are, they are bascially one week in the year where the CU puts on a concentrated week of events to procalaim the gospel, defend it, and provide opportunities for discussion of the faith on campus.

Well Newcastles happened first in early february, and despite all my years of complaining about the lack of snow it snows heavily this week. Yet every day there were around 60-90 Newcastle Students sitting in a cold Marquee listening to Maurice McCracken talk about the Gospel and the world. The evening events ranging from pub quiz to curry night, with evangelistic talks, were just as busy, at the Jazz night on friday there was hardly room to move let alone dance after the quick swing lesson.

Northumbrias events week happened three weeks after this, we have a much smaller CU but a larger campus of 24,000 students to reach, a daunting task. Much the same as Newcastle lunchtume and evening events were held with Peter Dray as our speaker throughout the week. One thing I found so encouraging through out this week was that every day there was at least one long, in depth disucssion happening, and always suprising me with how much more open people are to hearing what we believe than we think. Since then we have heard the best news, as it turned out someone gave their life to Christ on the last night of the mission.

New Word Alive

The end of last term for me was stewarding at the New Word Alive conference in Pwllheli, Wales. This is a family conference put on every year by UCCF and Keswick Ministries, this year Vaughan Roberts speaking on 1 Corinthians in the morning Bible readings, along with Don Carson and Krish speaking in the evenings were highlights, also I got to steward the arts track where the function of art in the kingdom of God was discussed with Jim Paul and Ellis Potter who blew me away. Much random fun was had alongside this with frisbee, beaches, April Fools jokes on the stewards radios, someone not letting Terry Virgo get into the prayer meeting before he spoke.carson1

One big encouragment from this was just seeing so many Christians, from many backgrounds and denominations, coming together under one roof (Well tent) to worship the one true God. For me it was another opportunity to see Relay workers from aroud the country, which is always an encouragment, hearing whats been happening at their unversities and just talking things we have been studying and thinking about through.

The Term Ahead
This term is a weird one, it is very short, we only have 4 CU meetings before Exams, students return from Easter but are suddenly quite reclusively revising, there are things to plan that I won’t be here for in spetember, and it’s my last term.


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