Posted by: Craig | 10 May, 2009

Sex, Truth, and a new Church…

pure bannerWell the students have been back two weeks now and what everyone seemed to think would be a winding down term has been suprisingly busy so far. The first wasn’t too busy mainly getting in touch with students as they return and trying to plan the term and arrange meetings, but this week just gone was quite manic. I was leading the Pure Course at Northumbria’s main meeting on friday, I had an essay to write, hall group study to prepare and a 121 bible study to prep, whilst trying to keep up with my study and czech language learning.I particularly enjoyed getting ready for pure as I was just overwhelmed by the fact that we, as Christians, are not just saved individually but into a new community, restored and being renewed by Gods word as a whole, the focus totally on what Godliness looks like when interacting weith one another.

What I am excited about is that Ed (The other Relay worker in Newcastle) and I have started up an apologetics discussion group. Now rather than this being a group where we choose a topic and each week we provide and answer to it eg. suffering. But instead the plan is to discuss culture, worldviews, how we get truth, basically areas that equip us to answer questions in any context, so that we can answer each of our friends individually as real people and not just as a question which we provide the answer on a card for. Hopefully this will help us to understand our friends and family better and why they don’t get the gospel.

fenhamPossbily even more exciting is that I just got back from Christ Church Fenham, but I go to Christ Church Heaton I hear you say! Well today we had the firsrt meeting of our new congregation meeting in the west side of the city, currently an extension of CCH but hopefully will become a fully fledged church plant. This will be a congregation like CCH driven by the word of God and seeking to serve and proclaim the gospel to the local community.


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