Posted by: Craig | 31 May, 2009

Many lasts…

end of year beach

So since my last post I have seen many people for possibly the last time, last Friday was the last CU of the Term, last Saturday was the end of year beach trip which is the last time I will see many of Northumbria CU. It was a great day though, with non-sandy burgers and lots of frisbee, me playing rounders terribly, and jumping in the freezing cold North Sea.

Last saturday was probably the last swing dancing social and so at 1am I had my last swing dance in Newcastle of the year, but it was also one of the best socials of the year with more than 8 people and I thought the music selection was the best yet.

It was the last apologetics discussion group and we talked about living consistently with the truth that we defend. Now I am gettiing ready for another 5 days at the Quinta centre in Shropshire, which will be exciting as all the other relays will be there, yet also sad as it might be the last time I see some people. Any way back to packing for tomorrow…


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