Posted by: Craig | 23 July, 2009

Czech English Camp 2009

2 days ago I got back from my first ever trip to the Czech Republic, exciting I know. As the title to this post reveals I was at an English camp, which is basically a camp for Czech students to learn English. So after arriving in Prague and the International Team having a meal we set off for the mountains near the Polish border, these were good times as I got to know the general Secretary of UKH (the IFES movement in the Czech Rep.).

Well the camp basically consisted of mornings teaching English, and this was my first time ever teaching English so I had been stressing about this for the week before the camp. It turned out to be ok in the end, I got moved to teach intermediates and used some elses material, but only English was allowed in the classes and everyone seemed to enjoy it so I think it all went well in the end. Nothing to worry about after all that stressing.

The afternoons were taken up with seminars, workshops, sports and games. I mainly played sports in the afternoons ranging from Ultimate frisbee (or more sensibly known as just frisbee in the Czech Republic) to tennis in post Wimbledon enthusiasm, volley ball seemed to be the most popular sport amongst the Czechs and after getting over how useless I was for my team it was good fun. On the day of the walks I uncharacteristically went on the shortest for a number of reasons/excuses, but it did result in the first real coffee of the camp and some Czech delicacies such as Spa wafers which are giant circular wafers that have a small amount of flavoured goodness sandwiched between them.

lastly the evenings consisted of singing, skits and talks explaining the christian message before going on to crazy Czech games. I was playing guitar and so loved doing the music playing everything from christian songs to Beatles and Bob Dylan but the most exciting thing has to be that as a result of hearing the Gospel one student became a Christian, and nothing is more exciting than seeing some one realise that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour. And then the crazy games, one of which happened in the woods at night, I think chair chair name is my favourite, a fast paced game where the smallest error means you lose.

Well either side of the camp I had a couple of days to explore Prague, and get some practical stuff sorted. So firstly and most excitingly the day before the camp I viewed a potential apartment which is now going to be the apartment that Jez and I stay in, and it is a fantastic location and cheap, this has been such a weight of my mind and I can now focus on getting the money to pay the rent. So with that sorted Linda and I just did some of the touristy things you have to do in Prague and you can see my photos of both the camp and prague here.


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