Posted by: Craig | 5 September, 2009

IFES Orientation

Relay Homestarters

Well I since my last post I have been to IFES orientation and Greenbelt festival but I will leave the latter for another post. Well just another training conference? Maybe, but dare I say it, I enjoyed it more than the Relay conferences (and they were amazing).  As always great teaching, but this conference had a different feel, much more chilled and families with 19 kids running around.

Well as a result of the conference I am definitely expecting this year to be hard, but equally I feel a lot more prepared for going, apparently I will need an extra hours sleep whilst language learning (that will be so hard for me), more likely to get ill, and just general communication frustrations. Yet I feel so more motivated by the Gospel for doing this, the last night we took communion and I was just in awe seeing how God uses 70+ very different and very broken people to reach the students of diverse countries and cities across europe.



  1. Families with 19 children?? Wow, things have changed since I was on an IFES team. Praying for you all as you head out.

  2. My accidental abuse of the English language strikes again, as I am sure you are aware I meant there were families and 19 children in total. hehe Thank you for your prayers

  3. Praying for you brother! Can’t wait to hear more of how God is using you in Prague and the rest of Czech!

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