Posted by: Craig | 21 September, 2009

Arrival over…

2009 September 014

Well I am finally in Prague, I flew in about a week ago. It has been an amazing couple of weeks, God has been so gracious in provision of the material things we need, I mean not only in the apartment itself, but the washing machine, microwave, toaster and other appliances that we got for free, even now we are soon to collect 8 chairs and a couple of desks.

It is weird how the last 7 days feel like 2 or even 3 weeks but we have barely arrived, we are just doing so much and getting quite tired. The language struggles are starting to become more real, it is the lack of being able to have a simple social conversation, something so essential to making friends, that is hard.

But God has been immensely gracious, not only in the material, as it has all gone so smoothly. We have phones, shopping is straightforward, we even have internet of the very slow kind and most recently we have our 3 month public transport passes. So I am learning how incredibly good our God is even when he does not have to be gracious to me.



  1. Glad everything is going well for you x nan

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