Posted by: Craig | 30 September, 2009

From Potatoes to Toilet Plungers…

I thought I would give you a summary of the high points and low points so far, so here goes.

Hi-Points :

  • I am living in the middle of Prague, in a basic yet cool apartment
  • The beautiful and non touristy park/church of Vyšehrad is on our doorstep
  • How welcoming everyone was in the church we can see from our window, though it was obviously hard work they spoke to us in English
  • 10kg of potatoes for £1 !
  • 2 weeks of apples £1 !
  • Swing dancing for free

Lo-Points :

  • Not having enough Czech language to make casual conversation (You don’t realise how much small talk you have until you can’t have it)
  • Not so much the lack of internet as the lack of skype in the apartment
  • The 4 hours in search for a toilet plunger
  • We live on the 4 floor with no lift
  • No naan bread especially Peshwari naan (this was expected though)
  • The ongoing search for academic diaries, plastic sleeves, and cheap non designer lined notebooks

Until next time, Cau!



  1. Do you want some plastic sleeves sent you

    • It’s ok, I have now found where to get them from

  2. Hey, if you ever need anything stationary related, I’m the person to ask :))

  3. I mean, stationery 🙂

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